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Intimate Moments with Jesus

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And He is purposed to fulfill your life with good things. God wants the best for you and He is the best for you. However, it's hard to know this without intimacy with the One who not only created you but sacrificed Himself for you.

This book captures the lessons learned by the author from walking intimately with God. Written on these pages are unveiled, authentic and sometimes out of the box revelations that can only be gleaned from a life that functions inside the will of God. God seeks to speak to us and teach us about Himself. He wants us to know that He is right here with us in the midst of all we go through in this life. The truth is that we cannot live an abundant life outside of knowing Jesus intimately.

Each chapter digs deep into issues that one experiences at some point, tackled by profound Biblical truth that are often overlooked. These are truths that God wants us to all know and live by that we may live on purpose; that we may live the abundant life as He desires for us.

Intimate Moments with Jesus is a practical message that will empower you to engage in an authentic relationship with God and live a life that flows out of that rightness of relationship with Him.